The View From Row Z: DST Ruins Everything

Imagine resetting all of these.

The time change has been hard on me. Besides totally screwing up my sleep pattern and making me late to work the last two days, my oldest kid doesn’t want to go to bed at 8 because it’s still light out, and now I’m missing the second half of every European soccer game this week.

That’s right. Until the folks back in the Old Country get around to updating their cuckoo clocks, most midweek soccer start times are an hour later than normal for us. Which blows if you live on the East Coast and work a 9 to 5 where you can get away with watching soccer in a browser window behind the Excel sheet you’re not actually working on. And what for, anyway? Is it the farmers or the school kids or energy savings or what? I don’t even know anymore.

There’s some moderately interesting Chaaampions League matches this afternoon, the Merseyside Derby, and some cities, forests, and hams battle it out in the NPowership. Match schedule below the jump.

3:45 Bayern Munich v. FC Basel
3:45 Internazionale v. Marseille
4:00 Liverpool v. Everton
3:45 Cardiff City v. Hull City
3:45 Derby County v. Nottingham Forest
3:45 Doncaster Rovers. Reading
3:45 Leicester City v. Birmingham
Copa Libertadores
6:45 Lanús v. Emelec
6:45 Nacional (Paraguay) v. Deportivo Táchira
9:00 Internacional v. The Strongest
9:00 Alianza Lima v. Nacional (Uruguay)
11:15 Chivas Guadalajara v. Defensor Sporting


4 responses to “The View From Row Z: DST Ruins Everything

  1. Lemme break the ice here by saying the Inter sucks. If the freaking Cypriots can beat a Ligue Un side, what’s their excuse for struggling against Marseille?

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