Liverpool v United as I saw it.

Bright and early for a clash at Anfield! One of the greatest fixtures in football, Manchester United and Liverpool. Hope you enjoy my perspective on things!


The United lineup looks like: van Persie, Welbeck, Giggs, Cleverley, Carrick, Young, Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand, Jones, De Gea


No Rooney today, he suffered a cut on the head after an accidental clash with Phil Jones in training.


LFC lineup: Sturridge, Aspas, Coutinho, Gerrard, Henderson, Lucas, Enrique, Skrtel, Agger, Johnson, Mingolet.


There will be a minute round of applause for the late Bill Shankly as tomorrow would’ve been his 100th birthday.


Kick off, let’s have it!


(Vidic has been sent off against Liverpool 3 times in 3 matches, the most of any Premier League player.)


GOAL (SONOFABITCH!) 2:44, Ashley Young gets caught out in possession in the United half and Liverpool have a corner, Gerrard swings it in and Daniel Sturridge gets a free header, possibly shoulder.



6:00, Liverpool is playing with a real swagger about them. United need to cope and pull something out of their sleeves to slow it down. Maybe something out of the Roy Keane handbook? I’d like to see that.


9:00, Ashley Young getting involved with a give-and-go, with Welbeck who has a decent crack at goal.


(I’m hearing that Rooney’s injury is going to keep him out “for a few weeks”.)


(This is Moyes’ attempt number 12 to get a winning result at Anfield)


14:42, Ashley Young makes a fantastic run that beats 2 or 3 defenders, slides into Welbeck who’s in the box, but he pulls the trigger way too fuckin’ late, gets blocked and doesn’t fall for van Persie very cleanly and nothing becomes of it. United’s best chance thus far.


21:40, United doing a bit of running around, chasing players and having a hard time coping with Sturridge.


(Victor Moses in the crowd for whatever reason)


26:00, Another free kick to Liverpool, won by Johnson, Gerrard standing over it… 25 yards… The shot, and save from De Gea!


(United fans: “Steve Gerrard, Gerrard, he kisses the badge on his chest, then puts in a transfer request, Steve Gerrard, Gerrard.” Classic)


33:00, Jones has landed awkwardly, is clutching his right ankle, he appeared to twist it. Cleverly lunges into Coutinho to stop play and is promptly booked for it. Another Liverpool free kick right outside the United box.


34:00, More crowding the referee and Aspas is booked for not shutting up when the ref tells you to.


35:00, Gerrard and Coutinho standing over it, Coutinho takes it and it’s high, wide, and not so handsome. Surprised Gerrard didn’t take it. He’s already had 2 shots this game for practice.


37:00, United Substitution. Jones off, Valencia on to play right back.


38:32, van Persie gets a yellow for clipping Lucas with the studs.


(There have been 14 red cards in this rivalry since the Premier League started)


40:45, Another yellow card, delivered to Carrick for dragging down Aspas by the arm. A, shall we say, professional foul to stop the breakaway.


46:46, A lotta mean muggin’ and a couple of why-I-oughta’s. The animosity is building and there’s some intentional-unintentional bumping into each other all over the place, mostly with Gerrard and van Persie. It all started with van Persie and Agger, or Skrtel, I’m not sure, I always get those 2 Russian mobster looking asswipes mixed up.


HALFTIME: At this point, I’m contemplating banging my head against a fuckin wall. United just can’t seem to get it together. Moyes’ had better get some heads on straight in the dressing room, maybe get Ferguson on the phone.


The obligatory halftime stats:


Shots: LFC 8 MUFC 3


Shots On Goal: LFC 4 MUFC 1


Fouls: LFC 6 MUFC 8 (More to come I’m sure.)


Possession: LFC 46% MUFC 54%



Man United have had 8 red cards against the Scousers, more against than any other BPL club. (If you took a drink every time this has been mentioned, right?)


I’m honestly a bit surprised at how well Welbeck has been playing for the most part.


And the second half is….. under way. COME ON UNITED!


(No Rahim Sterling. He’s interesting to watch for me in the sense that when he’s running with the ball he looks like a penguin drunk enough to try and fly, the way he flaps his arms about)


50:00, United looking better. Young swings in a corner, too deep, Carrick wins another one. Young with a clean strike after the ball fell to him at the edge of the box, blocked away by Johnson but again, United looking better.


(Chicharito warming up on the touchline)


56:30, United putting the LFC goal under siege like they’re supposed to be doing and just as soon as I type that, Evra puts the ball out of play and as soon as I type THAT, Welbeck gets in the box and gets bumbled over, no penalty. More heated discussion between both parties surrounding the man in the yellow shirt. What a match.


58:53, Young gets booked for pulling on Henderson’s arm. 4th yellow for United. Will the game end 11v11? The anticipation is making my pants feel a size or 2 smaller.


60:00 LFC Substitution: Aspas, off. Sterling on. (Now we get the drunk, penguin show. Nice!)


(Sterling is the 2nd youngest player to get a 1st team start with LFC, he’s also been dealing with assault charges for battering his woman. What a role model for the youth.)


62:26, MUFC substitution. Young off, Nani on


66:00 Nani dancing around the edge of the penalty box, holds the ball too long and loses possession BUT, United continue the pressure.


69:00 Sterling’s pist-penguin arm flapping has gotten out of control as he pokes Valencia in the eye. Free kick United


72:20 United substitution. Ryan Giggs makes way for Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez. It’s about time we get to see the little pea.


75:00 Evra sandwiched by 2 home defenders, Johnson and Lucas. No card (bullshit)


78:00 LFC substitution. Johnson, who’s clearly hurt after the incident with Evra (karma) makes way for Andre Wisdom. Johnson going straight down the tunnel.


Into the last 10 minutes of the match and I can feel a brick working it’s way down my intestines. A United goal would soften it right up.


83:00 LFC substitution Coutinho off. Some asshole, I mean, Luis Alberto on


84:00 Sterling’s arm-flailing got the better of him again, handball. On the right sided touchline, 30 yards out, Nani standing over it……. What a waste. Crossed over everyone’s head.


30 seconds later, ANOTHER fucking United miscue between keeper and defender. De Gea puts it out of play again.


87:00 Hernandez to van Persie and it’s 3 yards wide. AGGGHGHHHH!


89:00 Foul by Lucas, yellow card. Van Persie taking charge of this free kick, about the same location as Nani’s previous flub…. Enrique with the header away. FIVE added minutes.


93:00 LFC killing the clock in the United corner. That aforementioned brick is working it’s way down even further.


95:33 Referee blows the whistle for the last time.



Post match thoughts. Massive questions are being asked about Moyes’ and will continue to do so. If anyone needs me, I’ll be raging out somewhere with many breakable objects.


Post match reaction.

Post match reaction.


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