Ronaldo Fails. A Feel Good Piece.

Ya know, sometimes life kicks you when you’re down. Bad days get worse, relationships fail, etc. So, I’m going to combine the two best feel-good solutions into one post. 1. Football (obviously) 2. Watching someone fail. Particularly someone who doesn’t fail very often; to help brighten your statistically, most likely, miserable day. 

I’m a Ronaldo fan myself but, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t human and didn’t appreciate the art of someone failing. It’s good to know even the best fail.


Ok, so we’ve seen Ronaldo pull off some bicycle kicks that stunned us all. Well now we see him look like that one rec player on your team that tries to imitate him. (What is, “irony”?)


Ronaldo also is greatly known for his famous free kicks. They are sublime and innovative, and, sometimes dangerous.

Fail for Ronaldo, win for the kid.


Speaking of failed Ronaldo free kicks, this one goes back a long ways but will forever live in the memory.

Not much else needs to be said here.


And to finish it off, a compilation:

Ah, glorious. Hope I’ve made your day seem slightly less cloudy.


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