Contact Us

Get in touch with us to tell us how great we are, how much our writing stinks, or really for any other reason at:

Follow us on Twitter @452fourfivetwo

You can also follow our fantastic group of writers on Twitter

BG: @BG_DiablosRojos

Brian: @Brian_Goodison

Lennon’s Eyebrow/The Lorber: @BenTheLorber

MP: @MJPeckham

SkipJack: @Skipjack0079

WhoNeedsForwards: @WhoNeedForwards

Keith: @CapitalVillans

Orr: @DaveLambComedy


5 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Needs more Gooners–I shan’t be reading your little web log. Oh, who am I kidding? Please don’t leave me!

  2. It is spelled “Tno” with only the “T” capitalized, and I asked for only green m&ms in my trailer. This place is fourth rate for Christ’s sake.

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