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4-5-2 was founded in January of 2012 as a blog devoted to taking nothing about soccer seriously after the death of our favorite blog, Unprofessional Foul. The name comes from the fantastic Best XI post by UF’s New York Kid, and while we hope some of the spirit from UF lives on here, it is not UF2, we want to be our own site with its own flavor. We support all manner of teams (although thankfully not Stoke) and started this site as a way to share our (rarely correct) insights about the beautiful game. The only rule here is to have fun, and comment a lot, because let’s be honest, our egos need stroking. Enough sentimental crap; it’s time to meet the bloggers:

Born in Pittsburgh and then raised in Louisiana and West Virginia, Brian has grown up on a steady diet of talented sports teams like the Saints, Steelers, and Penguins. Of course when it came time to root for an EPL team, he assumed the squad in blue scoring on Manchester United in 2005 was a world-beater. Oh how wrong he was and now pays for it by being befuddled at the inability of the club to shoot the ball, let alone score. When not here he can be found spouting Everton knowledge at Royal Blue Mersey.

Hand-fed South American footie from an early age, BG‘s favorite aspects of the game are of course the diving, faking injuries, useless mad keepy-uppy skillz, and scoring goals with your hand. Oh, and don’t forget the glorious soccer riots. He’s a fan of the Red Devils, but mostly the ones from the neighborhood of Avellaneda in Buenos Aires.

Born and raised in Baltimore, yes, Skipjack has seen the Wire and understands how shocked you are that he lives there. After years of a crushing physiological abuse at the hand of the Baltimore Orioles, he decided to start following world football and finish off the crushing depression that baseball started by supporting Tottenham Hotspur. Needless to say, if he’d known things would turn out so well, he’d probably have decided to support a team on the decline, like Arsenal.

Similar to Brian, Keith came to football support through an instinctive antipathy for Manchester United- only his 2005 match was with Aston Villa, and so it stuck. However, as a lifelong Mets fan, he would come readily to the squandered potential, financial flameouts and very-near success that would ensue with the Villa. Still, he’ll be the first to remind you that you underestimate the Villa at your own peril. When not here, you can find Keith trying to bring people from the nation’s capital out to the pub at the Capital Villans blog, or posting photos to his own photography blog.

Once a respectable Northerner, The Lorber has spent the bulk of his life in the sunny South. Some of you may be familiar with him by the name Lennon’s Eyebrow. During Germany ‘06, he fell down the rabbit hole of football and he’s never looked back. It didn’t take long for the silky stylings of a certain beautiful Bulgarian bastard and Spurs’ crazy as balls “you-can-score-three-cuz-we’ll-score-four” style of play to steal his heart forever. He has an unbridled hatred of The Big Bang Theory, Kyra Sedgwick, and cucumbers.

A New Yorker who makes his home in enemy territory (Boston), Orr is a lifelong AC Milan fan whose EPL loyalties lie with Liverpool, another red team with pesky blue neighbors. He covered Serie A regularly over at UF and hopes to continue to keep his finger on the pulse of calcio here at 4-5-2. In his free time he is an amateur stand-up comedian. In his work time he teaches 6th grade where he actually gets more laughs.

Like Brian and Keith, MP‘s first soccer experience involved Manchester United. Fortunately for him, however, he was 5 years old and seated in the North End of Old Trafford, clad in that beautiful red shirt with the SHARP logo (which still hangs in his closet). MP has suffered a similar fate to Orr in that he grew up on New York sports yet somehow finds himself living and working in Boston. Likes: whiskey, Arrested Development, USMNT. Dislikes: Kardashians, Massholes, hipsters.

Soccer Apologist hails from Austin, though his earliest soccer experience was as an 8-year-old in suburban Seattle, being stuck in defense and getting rained on during games. Things got better with the ’98 World Cup, in which he developed a mancrush on Thierry Henry, and the ’02 World Cup, which he watched live at 3 a.m. while bottle-feeding his newborn son. Favorite teams: Arsenal, USMNT, USWNT, Barcelona, and PSG (which he liked before PSG got rich), though his only soccer-related tattoos are for Arsenal and his over-30 men’s team. Likes: bourbon, relegation, hating C-Ron. Dislikes: Arsenal players who get snapped up by Manchester teams.

Sometimes awake enough to update and write, WhoNeedsForwards is another sucker…we mean, Everton supporter, who reads way too much about proper football’s history in the USA.


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