The Only Man for Man U

SO the era of eras has ended.  27 years, 13 Premier League titles, 2 European Cups, 5 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, a Club World Cup and even a Cup Winners’ Cup, and Alex Ferguson is calling time on a majestic career turning Manchester United into the Premier League’s jewel.

Now the eyes turn to his replacement. David Moyes has been linked to the job since time immemorial, and ever since he left Chelsea, Jose Mourinho has also looked like a possible candidate to replace his erstwhile rival.

But we at Four Five Two know better. We know that there’s only one man that can take the job:

You guessed it. Big Sam (Thanks, Guardian!).

It makes perfect sense. He’s always said that if he ever had a big job (like Inter Milan or Real Madrid), he’d be up to the task. He has connections to the Tampa area, just like the Glazer family. And though he’s managed some dire, dour sides, let’s not forget that he did get BOLTON, of all teams, to Europe.

And there’s another, actually practical, non-comedic reason for appointing Big Sam. The next manager, no matter who he is, will be held up to the light of Sir Alex. While David Moyes is indeed made of stern stuff, he’s never had the sheer pressure that managing Manchester United would provide. What’s better for him, and for Manchester United? To take the job NOW, or to take it after a year or two when he looks like an improvement over the last guy and has all the fans fully on board? Big Sam’s at least been the lightning rod before. We know he can handle it.

Go with the local guy, Glazers. You know it’s the right move.


3 responses to “The Only Man for Man U

  1. I agree it would work in the sacrificial lamb way, where he lowers the standards/expectations so that someone like Moyes can then step in without all of the weight of SAF falling on his shoulders. But I’d rather just revel in the idea of BFS enjoying European nights in Madrid and Turin helming the good ship Titanic, err, Man United.

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