Two God-Awful Penalties and One Very Pretty Goal

Al Ahly’s Amir Sayoud tries to get too fancy with the spot kick. He got booked for an illegal kick afterwards to add insult to injury. Didn’t matter too much, Ahly won 4-0.

Word of advice regarding penalties from me, The Loserkid: Just pick a spot and place it. Don’t be THAT guy. (I also hate long throw-ins.)

You’re welcome.

Now over to Brazil. América São Paulo is losing to Votuporanguense in the Brazilian state championship. Let’s see what hilarity ensues.


Pilo steps up, then quickly steps down on his penalty try. It looks like a dive that leads to the penalty so perhaps this was some quick sports karma

Another penalty tip: Keep your eye on the ball during your spot kick.

And now some lovely action from the Danish Superligaen. Youssef Toutouh reminds us of WHY WE WATCH THIS AMAZING FUCKING SPORT.

Ahhhhh. Lovely shots from outside the box are my favorite plays. Haven’t seen a whole lot of that from the EPL this season. I digress.

You’ll be happy to know that Youssef’s Esjberg went on to win 4-0.


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