AM 452: Everyone Wins Edition

We are back with another edition of AM 452. Spurs fan Greg returns from the dark to enlighten us about Gareth Bale’s thighs. We discuss the recent Deadspin article about Gus Johnson and his quest to become the face of American soccer, as well as what makes a good sports commentator in general. We also get into a few matches from last week, including the big Everton – Spurs match this weekend. Sheilah also entertains us by comparing WIgan’s season to her college career, and Keith and Phil round things out with some fun about losing your best player each season.

As always you can listen to us below, or subscribe to us on iTunes by searching AM 452. Leave us some of your thoughts on the events in soccer this week in the comments, and check back next week when we return to talk smack.

We can’t support this nonsense


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