Barton Award: Third Strike Edition.

I apologize for the unwanted hiatus, followers, as few as you may be. But now I am back to doing what I do best, spreading the word of weird, messed up, and, downright outrageous stories of the footballing world. With plenty of despising of certain people along the way.

Getting down to business, World Cup Qualifiers. Some good matches played, and some certain draws with Montenegro, but I digress.

Uruguay vs Chile. Uruguay corner kick. We have none other than Luis Suarez at the far post jostling with Gonzalo Jara of Chile in the 35th minute. And by jostling, I mean punching the poor guy in the chin.

A very big tip o’ the hat to Jara for not going to ground and thriving all over the place as if he’d just been hooked by Mayweather. Rather, giving a few “Why I Oughtas” towards Suarez and hopefully, getting into his head by telling him what a weak jab he has.

Suarez will face a disciplinary hearing, but from what I’ve read, it’s going to hang mostly on what the referees saw or didn’t see, so there’s a chance that the footballing guvment’ could shit the bed on this one, but we could also be raising a glass to a 2 match ban.

To top it all off, Chile went on to win 2-0.


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