The Halftime Pint: Breckenridge Agave Wheat

One of the greater things about watching football in America is that most matches, especially those of the EPL, are early in the morning American time, giving people an excuse to day drink. This is part of our series discussing exactly what to drink when you’re at the pub, presented by our resident homebrewer, Keith

The Beer: Agave Wheat Ale, Breckenridge Brewery, Denver, Colorado

The Pub: The Black Swan, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York

What You Need to Know: Breckenridge Brewery was founded in 1990 out in Denver.  It’s a classic “homebrewers doin’ it for themselves” story, with founder Richard Squire, a self-described “ski bum,” homebrewing well through the late 80s before getting the bug to do it professionally.  The gamble paid off, as Beckenridge today runs five pubs and produces 52,000 barrels of beer per year.

The big difference between a wheat ale and a witbier is in the yeast.  As witbier will use a funkier straight up Belgian Ale yeast, a wheat ale yeast often carries more clove and banana esters.  The same concept of augmenting the mash bill with wheat to give the ale a bit more body and lighten the malt flavors to showcase the flavor imparted by the yeast applies, however.

So,About This Beer: Pours a hazy straw with an inch thick white head. Clove and bubblegum on the aroma. Brassy and citric flavors with some high esters on the back end. A little bit of a fresh squeezed lemon juice taste as well.

The Verdict: A champagney beer worthy of the champagne football on offer during the latest iteration of the North London derby. Refreshing and quite interesting. Think it might have been a bit out of season for the beginning of March– this might be a much better summer beer.


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