Top Lads On Top! (We Salute Surging, Red-Hot Cockfosters, Our New Favorite Team)

We love us some Cockfosters.

About seven weeks ago, during a podcast in which we broke down the many layers of English Football, our attention turned to the Spartan South Midlands Football League — and its Division One team Cockfosters. Cockfosters is a North London team whose name is most associated with the tube stop — namely, the northern terminus of the Picadilly Line, which, according to infallible Wikipedia, has 210 million riders a year.

Since making Cockfosters our own, they’ve been performing well and outlasting all comers, riding a seven-game surge in which they’ve gotten results and left their fans satisfied each and every match, with their goal differential of +67 indicating a complete package of lots of scoring up front and keeping things nice and tight in the back.

In their last seven matches, Cockfosters have notched six wins and a draw, starting with a 6-1 creaming of Buckingham Athletic on Jan. 5, and most recently showing 48 onlookers a 5-0 pounding of Wodson Park, thanks to a Protain double and additional satisfaction for Ferrari, Marks and Butt. Though the table shows them in second position behind Hoddesdon Town, their current form, combined with only having played 26 matches to H-Town’s 30, suggests that Cockfosters will soon be mounting the rest of the table and enjoying the view from on top.

Not only that, but they’re advancing in Cup Play as well. In the recent SSML Challenge Trophy 3rd round, they took Bedford to the last whistle, tying them up, and then slammed home all five PKs. Next stop: The quarterfinals, where they’ll be hosting local rivals Hadley.

And, if that’s not enough, they were named Team of the League in January — the very month we declared ourselves big fans of Cockfosters.

At FourFiveTwo, we don’t agree on everything. We have Spurs fans and Arsenal fans attempting to co-exist. We have fans of teams in the drop zone and on the outside of Champions League qualification looking in. We have United fans, and this year, everybody seems to hate United fans. We’re Americans, so we love us some OOOOSA, but we’re also thrilled to be the good luck talisman for our favorite South Spartans Midlands Football League Division One team, and hope they can keep it up to the end of the season. We can say it loud and proud: We love our Cockfosters!


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