The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend.

How I feel when I see my hated rivals losing to underdog teams.

How I feel when I see my hated rivals losing to underdog teams.

Happy in a sinister way seeing as though football can be a cruel mistress that turns you into a sociopath who gets their jollies from the tears and utter distraught from fans of a rival club who just lost to a mid-table or lower team.

Liverpool 0 – West Brom 2

We all know West Brom has been punching above their weight this season and getting some knockouts along the way. However, the bookies still fancied LOLpool to clinch the win probably with a Suarez, Gerrard, Sturridge etc. goal to open it up.

Instead, we had The Baggies holding on, under siege for 80 minutes with no shots, period and something like 14 against. And then a Steven Gerrard penalty after an apparent exaggeration, possible dive from Suarez. But it was SAVED by Ben Foster!

Then there finally was a crack at goal by Mulumbu and then a GOLAZZZO off the following corner from the head of McAuley.

And finally a 90th minute win-sealer by Lukaku. Assisted by Morrison who had acres of space to run with after Liverpool threw men forward with reckless abandon, only to give the ball away.

The slight underdogs come out on top and no duck-like arm flapping from Raheem Sterling or diving and bitching from Suarez could help them.


Moving on

Southampton 3 – Manchester City 1

Oh how sweet it was indeed. The amount of sinister laughter I indulged in after flipping on the telly and seeing this score made my sides hurt and caused some light nausea. (Isn’t that what happiness is all about?)

It started early, only took 7 minutes for some defensive miscues (understatement) to put the Saints ahead by 1 goal through Puncheon

Then in the 21st minute, Joe Hart makes an absolute howler and Davis is there to tap in the easy goal


Dzeko pulled one back for City but who fuckin’ cares?


THIS is the goal scored by a City player that I care about:

A hilarious OWN GOAL by Barry! Lambert had some space (again) and crossed it into the box where Barry was hanging around, under absolutely no pressure at all, and tapped it into his own net. Dare I say he had a striker’s touch about him? Hahaha!

I hope you are as mental (in the best possible way) about these results as I am. If not:


Let the hate flow through you!


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