Daydrinker’s Five: Mardi Gras Edition

Reporting from Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Evel Knievel and bird-women at a bar in the Marigny? Check. Alcohol on sale everywhere? Check. Yoan Gouffran goal? CHECK! Your words:

Bale on the move? Heart-Hands already has a goal this morning in the early game against Neufchateau, but the talk about Bale is not necessarily about his play with Spurs, but talk of his potential move to Real Madrid. Bale and C-Ron on the same team? That’s just too much pretty!

Chelsea woes: As the team continues to struggle to delight of those who root against Chelsea, the team’s best option at striker is now wearing a facemask after receiving a kick to the face from The Other David Luiz in their loss last week to the aforementioned Neufchateau. (Bonus points related to talk about that game: Sissoko!)

Resurgent Liverpool! They don’t play until Monday, and they probably would have beat Man City last week if Pepe Reina hadn’t been Pepe Reina, but they still drew against the Powder Blues, and there’s hope at Anfield. In the Liverpool rumors we all can laugh at department, we hope these 2013-14 kit mockups floating around the Internets are real. They’re spectacular.

Epic Sunday! Looking forward to a great match, actually, between Nine Points Clear and The Best Team In Liverpool, in a match that has Top Four Race implications. The FIFA 13 predictor on the Premier League site boldly predicts Rooney and van Persie goals and a de Gea howler en route to a 2-1 win for United.

0-0. Stoke vs. Reading and Norwich vs. Fulham. (Just a guess.)


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