It’s All Fun And Games ‘Til Someone Gets Racist

The way he's puffing that cigar, there's bound to be trouble.

The way he’s puffing that cigar, there’s bound to be trouble.

I swear, sometimes this shit practically writes itself.Vice-president of Milan’s Paulo Berlusconi (pictured above) apparently doesn’t seem to have a functioning what I like to call “Shut Up Filter”. That thing in your head that stops you from saying something that jumps to mind whether it be a bad pun or joke, an offensive statement that you should keep to yourself, etc. A filter of sorts to your dialogue, whatever your intentions may be.

Wrong place, wrong time: Berlusconi’s older brother is Milan’s president and former Italian prime minister. So recently, Paulo had joined his bro to a political meeting. I couldn’t tell you how the hell the meeting went, however Berlusconi left  quite the impression by leaving on this note:

“OK, we are all off to see the “negretto di famiglia” (the family’s little nigger). He’s a crazy head. All the young ladies are invited as well – you can even have a chance to meet the president [Silvio Berlusconi].”

Nice guy, huh?

So who exactly was the person that the vice-president referring to?

The one,

The only……

Mario Balotelli


The man just can’t stay out of the spotlight. Though this time, not his fault and it kinda sucks being him right now.

This was some pretty crappy timing by Berlusconi considering the incident with fans racially abusing Kevin-Prince Boateng of Milan that happened just a few weeks ago.

We’ll wait and see to what effect the fallout brings.


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