Some good, some bad.

good and bad

News news news. Which one do you want first? Well you’re getting the bad first, makes the good news that much sweeter.

Ramires foul that lead to a Chelsea goal.

I can’t seem to find any footage of this for some reason. But to sum it up, Ramires had stepped on Francis Coquelin’s foot just inside the Chelsea half in the build up to their first goal.

The second goal was a bit controversial as well. Ramires won a penalty for the blues after falling over Szczesny’s hand in the box. Now, the Arsenal keeper did mis-time his challenge, but I think the Ramires could have avoided it. Penalty? I doubt it. Penalty AND yellow card? Never.

Take a look:


An Everton fan was charged with racial abuse towards QPR players.

You can see that story here.

(Credit The Guardian for the story, top lads)

In case you didn’t read it, long story short is, a fellow Evertonian, did the right thing by standing up to the racist ass and then reporting him. Good on ya’.

I saw a Tottenham fan making monkey chants towards Danny Welbeck in the most recent match but I guess I’m the only one who did so I’ll digress.

Now some slightly less depressing shit.

Italian media have been reporting that Lazio defender Lucciano Zauri rescued a little girl from a well in Rome. Apparently the four meter deep well, is in a restaurant. (Some odd fucking architecture to say the least)

Now get this; The seven-year-old girl is Zbigniew Boniek’s granddaughter.

Have no idea who the hell that is? I didn’t either. Boniek is the Poland Football Association’s President. Ain’t that something…


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