Daydrinker’s Five: EPIC SUNDAY Edition

The Fox Soccer folks, for some reason, feel compelled to add the “Epic Sunday” tagline to Sunday’s games last Sunday and this Sunday. So, sure, we’ll roll with it, and that’s as good a place as any to start with the weekend of EPL goodness and punditry:

EPIC SUNDAY!: To be fair, these are two games that live up to the billing of, if not Epic, at least important to the top of the table movings around. Spurs become the latest team to try to chip away at Seven Points Clear’s hold on the top rung of the EPL ladder, which Arsenal and Chelsea have a derby that will do a lot toward determining how their remaining seasons go — Chelsea still has top-of-the-table aspirations, while Arsenal wants to, at the very least, win the right to get bumped in next year’s Champions League Round of 16.

Jonathan Walters, Worst and then Best Week Ever: We had a chance to mock Jonathan Walters in the most recent podcast, but didn’t take the easy shot, letting folks like The Mirror talk it up. The Stoke defender scored two own goals and missed a penalty kick in a nightmare match against Chelsea last weekend, but then redeemed himself in cup play. (But, then again, Stoke. Wake me when they’re knocking City out of the FA Cup.)

Own goal!: In honor of this weekend’s first EPL goal (for the 1500 GMT games in progress) — Sunderland has LOL’d it in the 4th minute to put Wigan up in what promises to be a thoroughly unwatchable game.

London Derby: In addition to Sunday’s higher-profile derby, QPR’s playing West Ham, featuring the soccer-as-chess mental genius that is ‘Arry vs. Big Sam. As we mentioned in the podcast, QPR are spending themselves into a possible escape from the drop zone (if by spend, you mean grabbing a Ligue Unhhh striker), while the Hammers appear here to stay (cue the audible groans from the Spurs/Villa side of the FourFiveTwo office). (Update: FRENCH STRIKER HAS SCORED! ‘Arry’s a genius!)

Obligatory interest in Liverpool: It wouldn’t be Fox Soccer without a visit to Anfield to see highlights from the Sturridge-Suarez strike force, against a Norwich side that conspired with Newcastle last weekend to play The Most Boring Match Ever Played. (OMFG Update: JORDAN HENDERSON GOAL. The apocalypse is nigh.)


One response to “Daydrinker’s Five: EPIC SUNDAY Edition

  1. Maybe at halftime Wenger can have the starting 11 stand up and say their names and positions, so that in the 2nd half they’ll all look like they’ve actually met before…

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