AM 452: Cockfosters FC Edition

Ah to be an Aston Villa fan, it can really suck, and resident Villan Keith’s pain is exposed for our enjoyment on the latest episode of AM 452. We also look at Swansea’s wonderful victory against Chelsea. Some of may claim we are anti-Chelsea, but really who isn’t? We also talk a little FA Cup action, and dabble in the transfer window, as well as talking about FIFA’s annual awards. For those of you who are soccer nerds, we get into an interesting discussion about the English football tiers. You are guaranteed to be entertained by the many topics we cover, including our new official team, Cockfosters F.C. And for longtime listener Arkie we have a special feature as well. As always you can listen in below, or subscribe to us on iTunes by searching AM 452. Leave your thoughts below and enjoy



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