Barton Award! Repeat Offender Edition

That's right. It's you, you ugly mug.

That’s right. It’s you, you ugly mug.

Justice for Mansfield!

5th tier football club Mansfield town took on Premier League “Giants” Liverpool in the FA cup this weekend.

The Davids in the David vs Goliath battle fought hard and well and deserved at least a draw. That is, until the aforementioned ugly mug pulled this crap to put Liverpool ahead by 1 and win the game.

Tsk Tsk.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers tried to defend the striker by saying that it was a “Reflex motion and not intentional.” If trying to cheat via handball is a “reflex motion” perhaps you should take some time to think about your go-to guy for goals. Rodgers also pointed out that the only reason that people are so quick to condemn the action is because it involves Suaréz.

Well no shit, the guy is a repeat fucking offender, Brendan! He’s already been booked once this season for blatantly trying to score with his hand. We’re talking less finesse than Diego Maradona in the World Cup match vs England.

Speaking of World Cup handballs, some of you might remember this:

2010, Uruguay vs Ghana. And yes, that missed penalty cost them the match. Shame.

I would very much like to see him taken out Zidane or Fellaini style but I digress.

And that, is this weeks, hopefully only but probably not, Barton Award.


One response to “Barton Award! Repeat Offender Edition

  1. Video review (oh, video review) shows that if Suarez had just rotated his shoulder slightly toward the ball, he could have chested it down to his foot (for an easy finish) — or could have probably chested it over the line. He’d already beaten the goalie. But he went with the one move that you’re supposed to take out of your repertoire when you first learn to play soccer.

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