AM 452: New Year Edition

Welcome back to another edition of AM 452, our first of 2013. I am joined by Skipjack, Phil, and Keith to discuss the holiday happenings in the EPL. We talk about Chelsea and I make an unlikely pick. We also talk Arsenal, Villa. Liverpool also makes an appearance as we contemplate the arrival of Daniel Sturridge. Finally we take some time to go around the league and offer our thoughts on title contenders, who will finish top 4, and who will be relegated. Keith also gives us the lowdown on how ads are produced for tv shows. For you Championship lovers out there we even spend a few minutes talking fun in the second division. And by a few I mean a lot of minutes.

As always you can listen below or subscribe to us on iTunes by searching for AM 452. Leave your comments below and let us know what you think.



One response to “AM 452: New Year Edition

  1. Dear Brian,

    Please stop opening with the goddamn world cup version of that song. It hurts. The original is better, with much less FIFA taint.

    Loyal listener

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