Sepp Blatter Is Moron: World Does Not End

I’m sorry Sepp, we can’t hear you.

I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised about this, but once again Sepp Blatter is a complete moron. Rather than comments about women’s rights or the lack of corruption in football, Blatter has now decided to criticize MLS and how it is run.

Blatter made his remarks in a recent interview with Marwan Bishara, Blatter said that in 18 years MLS officials should have done a much better job in making MLS one of the top leagues in America.

Let’s get this out of the way, Blatter is a complete idiot. It is one thing to start a soccer league back in the 1800’s, quite another to start it when professional sports have been around for a good century.

But since we “pride” ourselves on more than just name calling, let’s look at his actual comments. Blatter starts things off by complaining about the schedule. Apparently our screwed up schedule is why the US hasn’t developed a world-class star. Never mind things like football, baseball, and basketball, but because MLS plays from March to November it struggles to gain a foothold in world football.

The schedule is also why MLS will struggle to bring in star players. It doesn’t actually have to do with the salary cap MLS has, or the few exceptions via the Designated Player rule. Apparently even Messi would leave Barca if MLS changed their calendar.

Oh and MLS has also passed the NBA to be the third-highest attended pro league in the US. Yes there are problems because of low tv ratings, but that will improve with time, now if only we didn’t have to wait to get rid of Blatter.


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