Top 4-5-2 Moments of 2012

This is just to cool to not post

I promise this is the only other top list of 2012 that you will find here at Four Five Two HQ. But in all fairness this is all about self-promotion, and we have no shame when it comes to doing that. Below are our favorite articles and podcasts from the past year. Everything from exclusive interviews with Chicharito to talking about Chelsea filling our holes can be found here. In case you joined the party recently, this is the perfect way to catch up on the past year.

10. RvP Blocks 5 year old son’s move to Arsenal

He knows what really goes on behind the scenes at Arsenal

9. Aaron Ramsey – Babyfaced Assassin

Don’t be surprised, you knew this was true before you even read the article. No man can have such a baby face without paying a terrible price for it.

8. High Level Discourse on Tottenham’s Problems

Our two resident Spurs fans got into a fantastic discussion on Spurs problems towards the end of last year. By fantastic I mean a lot of swearing and name calling. There was also a good amount of bitching about ‘Arry which would culminate in his departure at the end of the season.

7. Harried Potters: Stoke City FC Visits O-Town

The title alone is worth a spot on this list, but the article itself was also a fantastic look at the less publicized side of summer friendlies.

6. The Plundering of Serie A

One of the more serious posts on FourFiveTwo, Orr talks about how the loss of so many old stars is actually a good thing for Italy. It is a classic dilemma of when to get rid of the guys who got you there. Maybe Chelsea should take a look at this piece.

5. Reliving a Spurs fans’ FA Cup Semi Final experience through pictures

I take a perverse pleasure in Spurs losing. Something about listening to Lorber and Skipjack crying on the podcast is just beautiful music to me. Skipjack got in on the act after Spurs’ loss to Chelsea in the FA Cup Semifinal last season. In this case pictures aren’t quite worth a thousand words.

4.Tragedy strikes the world of Fox Hunting, causes thousands of monocles to pop

We had a fantastic idea for April Fools this year, but like most of our ideas, it didn’t really come to fruition. It didn’t help April 1 was on a Sunday, but we botched it even with some fantastic articles. Skipjack’s take on Fox Hunting was particularly sublime, and now you can read it in all of its glory.

3. AM 452: Filling Holes Edition

We have a lot of fun doing our fairly weekly podcast. We try to keep things light while also getting into some serious soccer discussion. This one was heavy on the humor, as I put my foot in my mouth and never really stopped. And another shameless plug to subscribe by searching AM 452 in iTunes, or click the link on this page.

2. Chicharito Gets His Hopes Up

The second interview FourFiveTwo was able to secure with the Mexican star, we got the dirt on all things Chicharito after his return from the international break. make sure you check out number one before reading this one.

1. Chicharito Spills the Beans

BG hit on the idea of getting secret interviews with stars in the footballing world, and our sources hit it off with the 2-part interview that Chicharito agreed to do with us. As great as the second one was, the first was simply sublime and is our top article of the year.


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