Daydrinker’s Five: Last EPL Action of 2012

What we’re guessing the TV people will mention in this weekend’s slate of games:

What a year it was! Highlight goals you’ll likely see: Aguero’s league title winner in the dying minutes against hapless QPR, Ben Arfa’s wonder run, one of RVP’s many goals in a gingham jersey. And, just for fun, Zlatan’s miracle against England.

Bale!: So, was it a dive against Sunderland late in the match to try to extend a 2-1 lead? It appeared that there was only minimal contact leading him to go down in the box, and Martin Atkinson decided to flash the yellow card Bale’s way. If you’re anywhere near a TV in the dead patches of the later games, you’ll see this replay.

Is West Brom for real? They’ve gone three straight matches without losses, with a four-game win streak and a three-game losing streak, and they’re up against Seven Points Clear in the marquee matchup in today’s middle games. They do get some schedule gifts in the next few games after United (hi, Reading), but this game should be a great test as to how top-of-the-table they’ll be in the season’s second half.

Mario! Balotelli’s unavailable for City’s match against Norwich, but certainly the consensus will be that City doesn’t need him, they should move him, will we see him in Italy come January, does anyone want him, etc., etc.

Let’s go shopping! The January transfer window’s about to open, and what better launch to speculation than Demba Ba playing rumored new employers Arsenal as the Gunners try to nudge back into the Top Four (who, like Chelsea, have a match-gone-missing earlier this month to make up), and Newcastle tries to escape the indignity of the relegation zone (which they’re alarmingly close to reaching).


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