Daydrinker’s Five: Boxing Day Edition

Finally, a reprieve from a very uninspiring slate of college football bowl games on this day after Christmas, with a full (well, mostly full) slate of EPL games. As usual, we invite you to drink if you hear the following:

Tube Strike: This is why Arsenal-West Ham fans can’t have nice things. Today’s derby is being postponed until mid-January because London Underground workers want another day off. Postponed until mid-January — the bright side on that (for both squads) is that Andy Carroll’s more likely.

Chelsea’s 8-0 drubbing of Villa: Perhaps you heard? Expect talk of Chelsea’s new vigor and Villa’s new woes to punctuate their respective games with Norwich and Spurs, as we rehash the previous weekend’s hate crime.

Four points clear: Formerly known as Six Points Clear, the two Manchesters continue their top-of-the-table tussles with tests (well, “tests”) against Sunderland (for City) and Newcastle (for United).

Ebenezer Redknapp: Harry cancelled Christmas for his relegation-bound QPR squad, and is now calling some of his players out in the media for making more than they’re worth. The good times continue with a match against West Brom.

GOAL!: Perhaps too easy, but 15 minutes into the early matches, and we’ve already got Fulham going up on Southampton (BERBATOV!) and Newcastle getting in an early surprise thanks to a De Gea miscue.


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