Merry Christmas From 4-5-2

Another year of soccer has come and gone. Goals have been scored, yellow cards brandished, and Gareth Bale has flopped to the grass like gunned down turkey. It has been another exciting year on the domestic and international front. And of course we all have to

Here at 4-5-2 headquarters we have a lot to enjoy. We all have our friends and family, as well as the dark-colored liquor that will keep us sane over the holidays. I’m enjoying the sunny and 70 degree weather of Louisiana while some of us are stuck in the snow-filled tundra of the northeast.

I’ll stop the bourbon filled rambling now by wishing our dear readers, we know there are 2 of you out there, a very Merry Christmas. We will still be around over the holidays, and get ready for 2013 as we ramp up our first-rate coverage of the EPL including our fantastic podcast AM 452. Maybe we will get around to talking about MLS, that is up to Lorber though so don’t hold your breath.

Again thanks for reading and enjoy the holidays, just remember to spike the eggnog.


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