More Balo-Cini BS

When will these two kiss and make up?

When will these two kiss and make up?

Mario Balotelli has finally decided to accept a £340,000 fine from Manchester City (roughly two weeks of wages) for, frankly, all of his bullshit. Due to yellow and red cards which lead to  inevitable suspensions, the £24 million striker missed one fifth or 11 of last season’s matches. This fine isn’t as cut and dry as you might think. Mario decided to take it to an appeals tribunal with the Premier League and fight it out with no apparent leg to stand on. His original internal appeal with the club was rejected (what a shock!) and he took it to the big dogs, if you will, on Wednesday. He decided to avert his Premier League tribunal on the eleventh hour he had brought against the club and accepted the fine which was originally £350,000. (A penny saved, or rather ten thousand, right?) Balotelli did not even make the recent trip to Newcastle, instead staying in Manchester to do some lone training. His team carried on just fine without him, winning 3-1.

Despite all this, manager Roberto Mancini has continued his back and forth love/hate with Mario. Bashing him profusely about his discipline, leading everyone to believe he will be offloaded in January (Good riddance) but then backs him up as if he wants him to stay and build a future at the club.

Being slightly vague, Mancini stated: “Mario still has a big part to play this season” Then added “To get back into the team he needs to work in training and, when he plays, he needs to play well.” (Oh, Lord)

The club officials made this statement: “After amicable talks between the parties, as a sign of respect for Roberto Mancini, the supporters and the club, Mario Balotelli has chosen to accept a two-week fine levied upon him by the club and withdraw his disciplinary appeal, which was due to be heard by a Premier League panel today. Mario remains available for selection for all forthcoming fixtures.”

Why do I feel like the words “amicable”, “chosen”, “accept”, and “respect” were used very loosely?


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