Becks Will Not Be on HeskeyCam

The world still awaits David Beckham’s decision on where he’ll play his post-MLS soccer … but we do have some sad, sad news as to where he won’t be playing. Despite the come-hither advances of Perth Glory and Australia’s top-flight A-League, Golden Balls has determined that Down Under is too far from his businesses to consider playing there, according to Fox Soccer’s site. The story notes that Perth Glory owner Tony Sage just happened to be in London — specifically, just happened to be at the world premiere of the Spice Girls-inspired “Viva Forever” show, hanging out with Mel B (who just happened to be in the Spice Girls, as did Becks’ famous wife).

(Totally a stalker.)

This means that should the A-League ever repeat its awesome HeskeyCam experiment from this past October, Beckham won’t be in Heskey’s sights. Clearly, the A-League’s only big enough for one massive England national star. We’re glad it’s Heskey.

Still on Beckham’s short list: AS Monaco, where Coach Claudio Ranieri announced this week that if the Monaco players don’t win their next Ligue 2 game, he’ll kill them.


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