Il Solitario Zebra. (The Lone Zebra)

the lone zebra

Meet Arrigo Brovedani. Wine merchant and Udinese fan. We’ll call him “Brove” (Brove-eh) for short (Hope you don’t mind, Arrigo.)

A few days ago, he was travelling on business, and found himself in Genoa when his favorite, aforementioned club was in town to play Sampdoria. When he showed up to rally his team to victory, he found out that he was the only Bianconeri (“White-black”) there to do so. I’m sure the home supporters might have been just as shocked as Brove and the media were that he was the only one in the away stands. At first it was business as usual with the fan vs. fan chanting and whatnot, they naturally booed him probably out of instinct and habit, but after awhile were cheering him on and even invited Brove for “coffee and a meal” and gave him a T-shirt. On top of all the nice things, Udinese won so all in all, it couldn’t be too bad.

The media has been buzzing quite a bit about our friend Brove, and he’s been in some interviews, and saying:

“If I am in a city where Udinese happen to be playing, clients tend to send me free tickets, as they know my passion for the team. This time it wasn’t possible and I had to sort it out myself. It wasn’t easy, as I had to buy a ‘Fan Passport’ to buy a ticket for an away game and it takes 18 days to go through, so I wrote to Sampdoria in order to make sure it would be alright and they were very helpful.”

“I made the journey to Genoa, arrived at the stadium and only then did I realize I was the only Udinese fan there! At that point the stewards asked if I wanted to sit in the main stand, but I insisted on going into the away end, seeing as I had paid for that ticket.”

Hats off to you, Brove for supporting your team even if it’s by yourself. Enjoy the spotlight as well.

The question still remains to be answered: Dove diavolo era tutti gli atri?


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