Daydrinker’s Five: Let the Bitching Commence Edition

We’re halfway through the morning games, and we’ve got some themes developing to make watching Wynalda a little more palatable:

1. Diving OMG: So, the usually non-diving Cazorla did a little bit of performance to draw a penalty, which Arteta did not sky, miraculously, for a 1-0 lead. Wynalda’s calling for an eight-game ban. Expect the hand-wringing to continue into the day.

2. Inconsistent Swansea. Norwich is up 3-0, and Grant Holt had the sweetest goal celebration of the day, finding his inner Magic Mike. Clearly, the wheels are off now, and all of Wales is, um, wailing.

3. REJUVENTATED TORRES! Frosted Tips already has two for the Blues as they get one of the softest patches of the schedule underway in jolly good fashion.

4. Who is the better Manchester side? In anticipation of tomorrow’s City-United tilt at Etihad, imagine lots of discussion about who should be at the top of the table. Related: Did you hear that City just got bounced out of the Champions League?

5. It’s still scoreless in the Villa-Stoke match. (Just guessing that we’re not going to see a lot of firepower in that one.)


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