The Worst Day Since Yesterday (Chelsea’s Blues)

The FA has made their decision about the Chelsea-Clattenburg bust-up.

The FA has made their decision about the Chelsea-Clattenburg bust-up.

John Obi Mikel has been smacked by the FA with a three game ban and a fine of £60,000 following the investigation of alleged “racial abuse” by referee Mark Clattenburg towards Mikel at the end of the match of Manchester United on the 28th of October.  Clattenburg has been cleared of those charges due to lack of evidence however, the FA put it’s crosshairs on Mikel for apparent violent conduct that occurred after the match. It has been stated that the words “I’m gonna break your fucking legs!” were shouted during the confrontation in the referee’s dressing room. Apparently minutes after the final whistle, all hell broke loose when a Chelsea delegation consisting of: chief executive Ron Gourlay, Roberto Di Matteo, Robbie’s assistant Eddie Newton and, Mikel himself.

It is said that the Chelsea party stormed into the dressing room demanding answers after players, mostly Mikel, had said that Clattenburg had been a big meany and needed a time-out. And “racial abuse”. Clattenburg refused to answer the accusations and Mikel was seen pointing and shouting directly at the referee. Banging and shouting was heard so the stadium security rushed into the dressing room to separate the two parties. As if things couldn’t get much more whacked out, John Terry decided to make a cameo appearance in the confrontation. (I can picture it WWE style with entrance music and a chair is somehow involved) After Terry showed up and re-stoked the ruckus, it was more screaming, shouting, banging on the walls and crying. (Okay, I threw in that last one) The Sun Newspaper has put out an issue that states that Clattenburg described the confrontation as “Like a pub brawl.”

The governing body has releases this statement:

“The regulatory commission’s independent chairman, Christopher Quinlan QC, emphasised that the independent regulatory commission accepted, as did the FA, that at the time he threatened the referee, the player genuinely believed that the referee had racially abused him. But for that factor the suspension would have been significantly longer.

“Subsequently the FA investigated the allegation that the referee racially abused the player and found that there was not a case for him to answer.”

If there’s a lesson to be learned, it’s that the players are there to PLAY. Leave this kind of shit up to the managers and assistants and that whole lot. And baby Mikel needs a bottle and a diaper change.

That’s just the cherry on top of the shit sundae that is Chelsea Football Club at the moment.

The Rafa Benitéz situation definitely adds some spice to it. The Guardian (top lads)  has put together a montage of art referring to the situation.

There’s also the fact that CSKA London (the aforementioned Chelsea) beat FC Nordsjælland, 6-1. Wait, what? 6?! and Torres scored? TWICE?! My god. Things could be looking up. No wait, hold on a minute. None of that miraculous result even matters due to the Juventus win. The former European champions have been eliminated from the competition. Ouch.

On to English Premier League and Chelsea haven’t won a single match under Rafa (he’s a waiter, not a coach) Their last loss came from West Ham United with a controversial goal from Carlton Cole who may or may not (probably may) have violated Ivanovic during said goal.

You’ll have to excuse the crap commentary and quality but I’ll leave it up to you to decide if it was a foul.

I guess Chelsea fans can start singing this song about their woes.


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