Have Yourself A Manc-y Little Christmas

Adding to a tradition of bad sweaters, egg nog, and coal in Joey Barton’s stocking, the clearly-Christmas-loving folks at Manchester City have launched this awesome new advent calendar, featuring daily videos with a member of everyone’s favorite Defending League Champions, which is what happens when you give a marketing department video cameras, a green screen, and an oligarch’s budget to burn through. And, yet, there’s something delightfully low-budget and dorky about the whole endeavor.

Mario Balotelli was in the debut video, but instead of lighting a Yule Log with fireworks, or crashing his camo-painted sports car into Santa’s sled, he’s pulling a Christmas cracker (which is low-grade, stay-on-Santa’s-good-list-level danger). David Silva, presumably filmed before fighting back and hamstring injuries, is rocking a James Dean sweatshirt (2012, right? Just checking) and nibbling on a mince pie (though the unfinished pie ends up in a staff member’s belly rather than on eBay). In the best video so far, Aleksander Koralov seems puzzled by “Jingle Bells” (what, do they not have that song in Serbia?), but he sings speaks it anyway, and hilarity ensues.

What’s to come? Nasri singing from The Grinch’s ouevre? Kolo Toure doing an ill-advised version of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside?” Lescott with a wreath around his forehead? Santa Platini booming, “On Dortmund, On Real, On Ajax, On Blitzen?” Whatever’s coming next, it’s sure to bring the Yuletide cheer that only an Abu Dhabi-based ownership group knows how to deliver.


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