Red Card Review: Restaurant Critique Edition

Now serving Spanish cuisine

Sorry for the long break. I found this Spanish restaurant in London called Stamford Bridge.

Rafa Benitez was hired as the interim Chelsea manager. I’m not sure why CFC felt the need to be redundant by using interim and Chelsea in front of manager.

Benitez’s first game in charge ended in a draw with champions Manchester City. When you include the tip it means Chelsea came out ahead.

Chelsea fans showed their support for former manager Di Matteo by applauding in the 16th minute. Roman responded by sacking the fans and bringing in interim ones at halftime.

The big danger for Chelsea is their potential group stage exit of the Champions League, or as Roberto Mancini calls it, business as usual.

Speaking of City, they have been eliminated from the Champions League and a victory by Ajax would mean City get to focus on important trophies like the Carling Cup.

Manchester United have had a poor run of form recently, thankfully Fergie Time has now been extended to adding additional games to the schedule in case they need it.

Everton are releasing a calendar called 12 Shades of Blue. They wanted to name it 12 Shades of Defense, but the only shade they could have used was that of Swiss cheese.

Don’t look now but Spurs have a striker, he goes by Darren Bent.

Swansea drew with Liverpool at home. The Swans tried to entice Luis Suarez to the club by saying he could add a new dive to his repertoire, the swan dive.

Some legal news coming from England, Stoke has filed suit against West Ham for stealing their playing style.

Of course things wouldn’t be complete without a return of ‘Arry Redknapp to the touchline. Management decided that since the team just runs about they may as well hire a manager who can teach them how to do it.

The selling point for Harry was their promise of high-class bacon sandwiches. If he performs well they’ll make sure the bacon is crispy.

David Beckham has announced MLS Cup will be his final match with the LA Galaxy. Apparently MLS now had too much talent for Beckham to deal with, he needs easier competition.

Robbie Keane followed Beckham’s announcement by saying that his lifelong dream is to play for David Beckham’s next team.

Thanks for listening, you’ve been great. Enjoy Kevin Bacon


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