Some More WTF Moments Of Recent Time

The footballing world provides us with endless entertainment. Sometimes we are left wondering, “What The Fuck?”  Here are a handful of those odd, wonderful, and not-so-wonderful moments.

Joey Barton practicing his French accent (unsuccessfully, of course)

I’ve heard someone describe it as “Sounding like a Manc Arsene Venger.” Not far away, I must say.

Trinidad linesman beats the hell out of a pitch invader

I admire this man’s commitment to restoring order to the game.

Harry Redknapp having to put his boot up QPRs ass.

There are many speculations flying around that the players at QPR, are the problem, not Mark Hughes. I personally agree with those.

‘Arry is quoted, saying “It’s an embarrassing total for the players to have, they should be embarrassed. You don’t have four points from thirteen games if  you’re doing well and playing well. I’ve got to find out what is wrong and put it right, quickly.”

Tottenham fans beaten to a pulp by AS Roma supporters in Rome

This one isn’t exactly “wonderful”. However it does leave you wondering, in some way, “WTF?”.

Odd isn’t it? Tottenham were in Rome taking on Lazio, a team known for antisemitic chants and far-right political agendas. So why were the two men charged with attempted murder Roma fans? Perhaps heaping the blame on Lazio supporters would be all too easy. Reports say up to 50 people armed with bats, iron bars, knives and some even wearing balaclavas stormed the Spurs fans. This actually isn’t the first time Englishmen have been in fights with Roma supporters at this same bar. Ashley Mills got the worst of it, his head split open and stabbed in the groin, losing two litres of blood afterwards. He was in critical condition until stabilized on Friday after a two-hour operation.

Racism/antisemitism surrounding Tottenham and West Ham

This one is in no way “wonderful”, either.

A West Ham fan has been giving a lifetime ban for his participation of the nasty chanting against Spurs. The chants were on about “Can we stab you every week?” (A reference to the brutal attack on Ashley Mills in Rome this past week.) And “Adolf Hitler’s coming for you.”. Both managers have openly condemned the chants and supporters and West Ham chairman David Gold has stated that there will be “Zero tolerance” for any racism by Hammers fans.


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