Everton Shades of Blue

Every man can now cry because they don’t have these abs

Count Everton amongst the latest clubs to hop on the 50 Shades of Grey bandwagon. As part of a 25 year anniversary for Everton in the Community, a charity run be EFC to support various causes in Liverpool.

12 players ripped off their shirts in an attempt to win the hearts and minds of lasses and a few lads everywhere. Stars Tim Howard, Kevin Mirallas and Marouanne Fellani are amongst those in the calendar, and pre orders are sky high as wives and girlfriends realize this may be the closest they ever come to touching a real 6 pack.

Oh and if you are curious, the money raised for Everton in the Community will go towards a 1 million pound goal for helping underprivledged people in the merseyside area.

If you are interested in ordering a calendar head on over to the EFC Store. The cost is 10 pounds and it is available now.
And for the guys, get this calendar as motivation to get off your lazy ass and start working out. It may take you another 5 years to get this ripped, but doesn’t your wife deserve it?


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