The Daydrinker’s Five: Pundits Losing Their Damn Minds Edition

For this week’s Daydrinker Five, we’re focusing on the potential for pre-game/half-time/post-game talking heads to go off. It’s been a, shall we say, eventful week, and Wynalda, Barton, and the rest of the gang should be all opinion-y. (Do this with shots rather than regular drinks at your own peril):

1. Di Matteo/Benitez or some combination thereof (Double up if “getting Torres on track/jumpstarted/alive” gets mentioned)

2. Scoreless tie. (Shaping up to be one of those kinds of weeks.)

3. Shaktar Donetsk shame goal

4. West Brom’s in third place (with accompanying shocked reactions)

5. Rodgers returns to Swansea (See also: Scoreless tie)

OH CRAP, WE FORGOT: 6. Fergie Statue.


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