Too Soon, Mr. Abramovich?

In a span of 48 hours, Chelsea has sacked Roberto Di Matteo and hired on Rafael Benítez as their new interim manager. (Sound familiar?) As far as my knowledge extends me, not too many blues fans are particularly happy about this. They consider Robbie to be a legend as a player and a poor bastard (using my own Yankee generalization term) who didn’t get a fair shake as their manager. All in all, a person with a huge devotion and a contribution to the club that was cut short.

Enough about the self pitying Chelsea fans, and on to the lingering question. Does Roman Abramovich expect too much out of managers in too small of a time span? Some question if he’s the worst owner in football right now. Looking at the revolving door of managers, the racist, ill-respectable, hard-headed players not doing their job and, well, the £50 million, can’t find the back of the net with a private investigator players, those particular pundits could be onto something.

Look at Sir Alex Ferguson for example. Ferguson was given the management job at Old Trafford in 1986 but, didn’t win a single trophy until 1989, the FA Cup, and had some bottom-table finishes. Speculations were that he was almost sacked and most likely would have been if not for that trophy. It was a slow and rocky build up, but look at what all he’s achieved since then. Most notably knocking Liverpool off of their pedestal and making United the dominant force in English football. I’m now going to recede from blowing your mind with some of the history of the legendary man and get to the point. The long term managers seem to be the ones who produce the best results, regardless of some bumps or even holes in the road.

José Mourinho, “The Special One” was Chelsea’s most successful manager with a win record of 70.81% and a total goal difference of +211. the man saw Didier Drogba being brought to Stamford Bridge and under his management, Chelsea set the record for most points accumulated in a season (95) and fewest goals conceded (15) to name a few things. After all this, the relationship between Mourinho and Abramovich fell to shit (no real surprise, the Russian doesn’t play well with others) and after some setbacks, Mourinho was sacked, his time in the hot-seat only lasting from 2007-2009. I think I can hear him laughing every time he flips on the telly and hears something about Chelsea’s woes.

Perhaps the big Russian crook would do well to find a decent manager, basically someone who’s as unlike AVB as possible, someone who can get the players’ heads out of their arses (if that’s even possible at this point) and throw together a team that looks at long term results.

With all that, I think it goes without saying that Mr. Abramovich is another recipient of the Barton Award.

When our Four-Five-Two insider gave the news to Abramovich, he got no response, just this look.


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