We’re Unsure What To Call This

So, the soccer world (and, indeed, the sports world) is buzzing over something that happened in the Sweden-England friendly yesterday — namely, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s insane 30-yard bicycle kick goal. To complete a hat trick. It made ESPN’s Top Plays this morning, for all sports, obliterating dunks and Mexican Football league goals and college football highlights featuring University of Toledo players.

On one hand, was it Hart-larious? A Hart-owler? After all, it happened because of Joe Hart’s puzzling bit of net-minding. (Coming out of the box? Putting your head on it?)

Or was it Zlatan-tastic? Zlatan-sational? Again: 30 yards out, bicycle kick, enough curvature to give Ray Hudson wood.

You be the judge. Have at it in the comments. You’re welcome:

Update: If Paul Merson was the ref, he would have jumped on him. (That’s awesome.)


2 responses to “We’re Unsure What To Call This

  1. Ridiculous. The fact that Zlatan even considered a bike from that range as a viable option is nuts. Only two results could’ve happened: He looks like a dumbass and blasts it miles wide, possibly injuring himself in the process, or a wonder-goal. That said, Hart should’ve stayed in his box, he had 2 defenders covering him. He obviously should be benched for David James.

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