AM 452: Selfish Edition

Another episode of AM 452 is here for your enjoyment. I am joined by Jeremiah and Lorber to discuss a relatively calm week in the world of soccer. We talk Spurs loss to City, United’s exciting game against Villa, and Everton beating Sunderland. Lorber also poses the interesting question of if the EPL really is the best league in the world. Discuss amongst yourselves as we come to no real conclusion. As always you can listen in below or subscribe to us on iTunes. Also if you have any comments and criticisms leave them in the comments, we know there are some of you listening out there.

Real men wear pink


One response to “AM 452: Selfish Edition

  1. Dear Spurs fans,

    Friedel is world-class. I know that Lloris is the future, but the amount of butt-hurt that certain Spurs (and French people) have over Lloris is a bit overblown. And regardless, Lloris needs to shut up and work to be better than the keeper that everyone (or at least every Frenchman) has decided he is leaps and bounds ahead of. Lloris is old enough that he should know he has to compete for a spot.

    A Friedel Fan-Boy
    (seriously, you guys remember the 02 World Cup? And he only got better)

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