We paid how much for this guy?

Clubs pay a lot of money for players who can score goals. Sometimes we see a club grossly overpaying for someone who struggles to find the back of the net. Sometimes needing a map or a 40 X 69 foot goal. Here are some of those examples. 

 This one in particular, will never be forgotten. (See “Torrible” under “Speaking 4-5-2”)

So with that clip, let’s start with: Fernando Torres.

Torres didn’t have  too bad of a bad career with Athletico Madrid. With 243 appearances and 91 goals in total. 214 appearances with 82 goals in the league, 24 appearances with 7 goals for the cup and 5 appearances with 2 goals in European competition from the 2000/2001 season to the 2006/2007 season. After that season (our relegation favorites here at fourfivetwo) Liverpool, picked up the Spaniard for about £20 million.

Things picked up a bit for the not-so-fancy diver after the move. 142 appearances with 81 goals in total. From the 2007/2008 campaign to the 2010/2011, this is how it looked; 102 appearances with 65 goals in the Premier League, 10 cup appearances with 4 goals. After his four years, the blushing bastard made a tremendous big money move to Chelsea, somewhere in the area of  £50 million, making him the sixth most expensive footballer in history and broke the British transfer record at the time. (Robin van Persie’s move only costed £24 million, just saying. Ya’ know, to put things in perspective.)

His standing record with the blues; 84 appearances with 19 goals in total. 56 appearances with 11 goals in the Premier League, 19 Champions League appearances with only 4 goals to show for it, and, 9 cup appearances with 4 goals.

I’m personally left wondering when he’s going to get the Abramovich axe but at the same time, his misses me’ gran’ could have scored provide me with many jollies and, it’s another reason to laugh and give the finger to Chelsea. And to make you hate your job even more, Torres makes about £9.1 million a year.

Now moving on to the hard drinkin’ and fightin’ sonofabitch: Andy Carroll

Andy started his top flight career at Newcastle in the 2006/2007 season. Making 91 appearances with 33 goals in total from the 2006/2007 season to 2010/2011. 80 League appearances with 31 goals (39 appearances and 17 goals came from the Championship League in the 2009/2010 season and 11 and 1 came from a loan to Preston North End in 2007/2008) 9 appearances in cup competitions with 2 goals along with 2 European Competition appearances and no goals.

On the 31st of January 2011 Lolpool made a successful/considerable £35 million bid for Mop Top and he was on his way to Anfield.

At 13thPool, Carroll made a total of 58 appearances with… wait for it…. 11 goals. That’s 44 Premier League appearances with 6 goals, 12 Cup competition appearances with 5 goals and 2 European Competition appearances with no goals from the 2010/2011 season to 2012/2013. On August 30th 2012, Andy was loaned out to West Ham where his stats look like: 8 appearances and no goals. Ol’ Andy makes about £4.16 million a year.

They say that form is temporary but class is permanent, which in my opinion can be a very true statement. Perhaps clubs would do well to look deeper into players than a possibly temporary goal flow.


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