Top 5 WTF moments of recent time! (In no particular order)

1. Roberto Mancini’s Rants.

I’d be making the same face if I had to manage a squad of world class sellouts and prima donnas

The Man City boss hasn’t been doing himself any favors recently by making comments that give people an idea why his players don’t respect him (as if that was any surprise.). He started by blatantly reminding everyone about all the various offers he received from different clubs around the world and how close he was to making a big money move to Monaco. Somewhere in the ballpark of £6.4 million a year. If that wasn’t enough, Mancini felt it necessary to write off City’s chances of success in the Champions League, stating: “I don’t think we’re ready for the Champions League.” Along with: “My players owe me three big performances.” (That’d be a statement I’d keep in the dressing room, mate.) and also: “I will not change anything” (If it’s broke, do nothing. Genius!) when referring to the squad.  Everyone was thinking it, he said it. And now there’s probably no hope.

2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic beats the St. Etienne keeper with a Jason Statham type approach.

Nothing more really needs to be said about this one, does it?

3. New Zealand Prime Minister in media hot water for a David Beckham comment.

John Key has been accused of stating that David Beckham is “As thick as bat shit.” while visiting a school in Auckland. It is also said that he stated that Beckham is also “Handsome” and “A nice guy” (Before calling him as thick as bat shit. Imagine that.) Key is neither confirming nor denying the comment by telling the press “What I am saying is that somebody has overheard a personal conversation and that’s their recollection of it.” Either the Prime Minister is sticking to his guns or he could just realize that not too many people are going to argue this one. (Maybe both)

4. Mark Clattenburg facing charges for allegedly using “foul language” towards Chelsea players.

Clattenburg is not refereeing for the second week in a row due to said charges. It would appear as though Chelsea players couldn’t argue with the two red cards he flashed in the 3-2 loss to Manchester United, so they found some other bollocks to banter on about why the game didn’t go their way. Mind you, Clattenburg sent off Johnny Evans in the 6-1 thrashing of United by Manchester City last season so you can’t point towards favoritism. And it’s always nice to see justice served to players who choose to dive. He has support from both the Professional Game Match Officials Limited and the head managers of both clubs so he will likely return when the dust settles.

5. Liverpool fans get soaked by haywire sprinkler.

This was during halftime of the 1-all draw with Newcastle. You’ll never wash alone.


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