Play to the Whistle, Don’t Wait for It!

A special piece on diving by FourFiveTwo friend Jeremiah.

Diving is an unfortunate reality of the game. You can see it in pretty much any match across the globe and let’s not kid ourselves, it’s ruining the game.
(This one’s properly described as “A disgrace to football”)
So how do we go about stamping out this ever-growing problem?
Unfortunately, referees don’t have the luxury of video replays that we do at home. However, the FA does have an entire week to view and review replays from matches and prospective dives. Tony Pulis has the right idea.
For those of you who saw the Liverpool vs Stoke City match two weeks ago, you saw this:
We all know about Suarez and his reputation for going down easily (even though he has more than enough skill to trouble defenders and keepers alike) and trying to get a referees decision.
 Tony Pulis was demanding that the FA take action throughout the following week, something in the area of a match ban or a fine. Personally, I think it’s a great idea, for ANY player who chooses to dive.
I’d like to think that everybody would prefer to see their favorite players stay upright and continue the battle against their opponents rather than flopping all over the place to try and win a decision, a decision that they may not even get. Not to mention the strain it puts on other players, both teammates and opponents.
 How does it hurt teammates? Because put yourself in a teammates shoes. You’re unmarked in at the far post, ready to smash in a cross, and your winger takes a dive and doesn’t get a decision. Or, a striker who slips in the penalty box and goes down legitimately due to a wet pitch, and is now labeled a “diver” and now has to explain to teammates, management, and fans alike that you’re not a diver. How infuriated would you be?
We all know that the FA, UEFA, and FIFA aren’t exactly shining examples of perfect governing bodies. However, if they started putting the squeeze on players who participate in diving with match bans and fines, I think we might actually be able to see some fucking progress for once. Perhaps we can propose something like this to them, as fans and call it the “Stay Upright” campaign.

And we can wear these shirts


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