Arsenal’s Annual General Meeting: Draft of Agenda Unearthed!

Today, Arsenal held its annual general meeting — on Arsene Wenger’s birthday week, no less, on the heels of an EPL loss to Norwich City and a Champions League loss to Schalke. By at least one media account, it was a grumpy affair, with chief executive Ivan Gazidis all but wearing “Why Always Me?” on his tie and Wenger being stoic on the outside and water-bottle-flingy on the inside.

It was going to be an entirely different meeting, though, judging from an early draft of the agenda — drawn up when optimism still reined at the Emirates apparently. We at FourFiveTwo present to you what could have been:


Arsenal FC Annual General Meeting

25 October 2012

I. Approve Minutes of Previous AGM

II. Bask in Champions League Glow

a. Laugh at Spurs

b. High-fives for wins against Montpellier and Olympiacos

III. Update on Trophy Chases

a. Still in contention for Capitol One and FA Cups

b. Giroud still in contention for Vidal Sassoon Hair of the Year Award

c. League Cup

IV. Report on Players Man City might be interested in buying

a. All our good players

V. Plan for when Gervinho’s away at the African Cup

VI. Summer Transfers: Our 17-year-old Macedonian Goal Keeper Is Locked Up!

VII. January Transfers: We stick with what we’ve got, right?

VIII. Adjourn; Roll Around In Piles Of Money From RVP Sale


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