Pansy Paraguayan Soccer

I’ll be honest,  Pansy was the only ‘P’ word I could think of to fit this title, and the soccer in Paraguay is closer to Kung-Fu than soccer. A local league game in the  Asuncion League ended in a 36 red card Super Smash Bros fest. In the video below, things start with 2 players swinging and refusing to leave the field after being red carded before everyone decided they needed to get their own shiny black eye. The referees probably did the smart thing and immediately headed to their dressing room.

Somehow the refs then decided to red card EVERY other player and substitute from their dressing room. I’m not sure if they can actually do that, but it makes my life more enjoyable so who cares. I really want to see what these teams have to do for the next few games since ya know they don’t have any eligible players



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