Finally, L’Affair Terry All Makes Sense

A dilemma for the FA President, or an opportunity for the Crown Prince?

As you know, England’s Brave Racist John Terry took the England out of that sobriquet two weeks ago, following his frustration with the FA’s decision to ban him for the gall to think that calling Anton Ferdinand a “fucking black cunt (Terry’s words, not ours)” amounted to racial abuse.

Originally, it was thought that the FA was being too lenient on Terry, as they specifically shifted their own internal investigation to after Euro 2012 had concluded, allowing the now BRJT to represent his country once more.

New information has emerged, dear readers, and we see exactly what happened.  Join us after the jump.

St. George’s Park, the new, state-of-the-art training facility for the English National Team, opened Monday.  The facility’s opening week included an inspection by the future king and queen, William and Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh.

“By the by, JT says hi”

As is well known, Wills is the President of the Football Association.  Following his marriage to the lovely Catherine, he must have known that official visits from married women would have a deleterious effect on the Duke’s two public loves.  Either Terry would be so distracted that he would be unable to perform correctly as England captain, or the famous “Terry Charm” would detonate his marriage.

Luckily for the future King, he need only wait six months from his wedding date for JT to make a complete prat of himself.

And so, not only did William face the opportunity to ensure that the bravest center half in all the land was fully installed for a run at Euro 2012, he also had the opportunity to make sure he wouldn’t be in the England camp for Catherine’s first official visit to England training- at opening week of St. George’s.

With a strategic mind like that, England may very well be headed to a new Golden Age.


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