Something I used to say about Peril!

As the majority of us at Four Five Two “met” in the comments section of the late, great (but back! in tumblr form!) Unprofessional Foul, many of my fellow staff would remember a certain phrase that I used to utter whenever the UF crew unleashed their preseason predictions and put my beloved Aston Villa in the lower half of the table:

“You underestimate the Villa at your own peril.”

This weekend, a poor soul learned that lesson in a very, very real way.  Photo after the jump.

That’s right, Aston Villa cost him a fortune.  (Cheers, @Footballacca)

That gem comes from the football betting Twitter account @footballacca.  To explain what happened, a man put 12 Euro on what’s known as an accumulator bet- rather than just place individual bets, if you feel that the weekend looks fairly predictable, you can mash your bets together for a greater payoff.  In this case, 15 matches, for 12 Euros would have yielded this soul a small fortune- over 12,000 times what he initially bet.  But for one sole, solitary match, in a third-tier competition in England.

That’s right, Aston Villa pissed in this man’s Cheerios with their extra time-thriller over Manchester City. I mean, he even got the Leeds Cupset right!

This poor man is going to have lime green nightmares for quite a while.  And why?  Because he underestimated the Villa.  Now let that be a lesson to you.


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