Red Card Review: Being Howard Webb

Webb mixes it up well for United

Good to be back, I thought security wouldn’t let me in because they felt I didn’t completely cross the security line this morning.

Spurs finally got their first victory under AVB this weekend, all it took was telling Jermaine Defoe his job was to try and miss the net.

Spurs fans were outraged the Adebayor didn’t start the game; I guess they got so used to losing they wanted to continue the tradition this year.

In other news, Spurs still don’t have the striker.

Being Liverpool premiered on Sunday, at least we now have a manager for the EPL All D-bag team.

Seriously who has a portrait of themselves in their own house? Nani has a statue, but we all knew he was a selfish prick long before that.

Other than important tidbits like Rodger’s portrait, the show was pretty boring. If Fox Soccer was smart they’d pay for a show placing John Terry, Wayne Bridge, Mario Balotelli, Rya Shawcross, Andy Caroll, Luis Suarez, and Nigel Dejong in the same house Big Brother style.

Honestly I’d root for a meteor in that show, just makes things easier.

One of the failed marketing ideas for Being: Liverpool was to show Luis Suarez in a white sheet. Aparently the producers didn’t get the memo that you don’t want to dress up the convicted racist like that.

The USMNT lost to Jamaica a week ago; apparently the goats do know how to score

The Jamaican home stadium is known as The Office, but home-field advantage for the Jamaicans is known as hot-boxing.

Manchester City lost a barn burner to Real Madrid on Tuesday; anyone else waiting for a City player to show a tshirt that had Ronaldo’s face with, “WHY SO SAD?” On it?

City and Madrid combined for 5 goals in a little over 20 minutes of play; hard to believe these 2 clubs had a higher goals per minute than dives per minute average.

Mancini criticized his goalkeeper for making comments to the media; apparently Mancini hasn’t learned that is what happens when you play for a club that is trying to win things.

Oscar scored 2 goals for Chelsea in their draw against Juventus; then he curled up in his trash can

Lile was unable to master BATE in their Champions League match; 3-1 over 90 minutes is a really impressive feat.

The USWNT beat Australia 4-2; afterwards Pia Sundhage celebrated her final game by finally putting a bra on.

The Australians had a 17 year old keeper in goal; if we were at Penn State the USWNT would’ve been arrested for inappropriate contact with a minor.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the Girouds


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