Happy Goalkeeper Week! (And Meet the Most Popular Guy Ever in the Danish Second Division)

The marketing gurus over at World Soccer Shop has declared this to be Goalkeeper Week. As far as we can tell, that means they have a surplus of Buffon jerseys that they’re trying to move to make way for all the Dempsey Spurs jerseys that certain members of the FourFiveTwo crew might be smashing their piggybanks open to snatch up.

But the timing’s actually pretty great, considering that perhaps the sweetest PK ever bicycle kicked in by a goalie — certainly by a second division Danish goalie (playing for a team called Frem) wearing pink goalie garb a la Arsenal’s latest — is just now making the rounds. Jakob Kohler, y’all. (And, after the goal, he celebrates with a double flip, and sticks the dismount. I’m guessing the medal ceremony after was awesome.)

And it might be the best thing that ever happens to him, or anyone to ever play at Frem, or the 20 people in the stands who witnessed this game. Still, though, it’s a sweet start to goalkeeper week. Coming Thursday: Lloris. Friedel. Cage Match. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.)


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