Row Z: InterLULZ

I “borrowed” this pic from MLS.

Hey, there’s not much club football being played this weekend, but there’s plenty of international fixtures to feast on. Some of them are even meaningful, like USA’s away qualifier against Jamaica tonight. Won’t you please come down from your ivory tower into the comments and bless us with your pearls of wisdom? Oh, and if you’ve got beIN Sport USA at your house, post your address so we can all come over. We’ll bring the beer. Promise.

Semi-not-at-all-complete fixture list after the jump.

UEFA WCQ (partial results)
Bulgaria 2-2 Italy
Germany 2-0 Faroe Islands
Netherlands 1-0 Turkey
Luxembourg 1-2 Portugal
Moldova 0-3 England
Finland 0-1 France

4:30 Colombia v. Uruguay
5:00 Ecuador v. Bolivia
7:10 Argentina v. Paraguay
9:25 Peru v. Venezuela

8:00 Jamaica v. United States
10:00 Costa Rica v. Mexico

Brazil 0-0 South Africa
Spain 0-0 Saudi Arabia


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