Red Card Review: Lolverpool is Fun

Good to be back, I had to go check my transfer kitty and make sure it included more than just my writing fees.

If you didn’t hear, apparently Rodgers’ 20 million transfer kitty included new player salaries, but he never knew. I don’t even need to make a joke to hang on that statement.

Brendan Rodgers said that he wouldn’t have let Andy Carroll go out on loan if he knew a replacement wasn’t coming in, I thought Carroll’s replacement was All-Star Air on a Bosman free?

I wonder if Fox Soccer knows that their Liverpool documentary is actually a remake; just title it 3 Stooges and they’re good to go.

Arsenal managed to beat Liverpool 2-0, with their defeat Liverpool have officially announced themselves as a mid-table team.

The Liverpool website has apparently blocked access to news stories published on deadline day. For owners who live in the heart of US Catholicism, I thought FSG knew it isn’t the crime that gets you, it is the coverup.

Maybe they should have just asked Wenger for advice on those problems before the match?

Clint Dempsey signed for Spurs in a deadline day stunner, now Weird Al has a buddy to do rap duets.

Aston Villa launched a late bid for the American playmaker; unfortunately Dempsey told them he only wants to play for a mid-table team.

Of course Liverpool was thought to be the front runner for Dempsey’s services, and then he watched some video of their first two games.

After scoring Christian Ronaldo didn’t celebrate because he was “sad” this weekend; if he played for Manchester Arabia he would have shown a tshirt underneath his jersey proclaiming his sadness to the world.

The Champions League draw was held last week; insert your standard jokes about the draw here.

Manchester City got grouped with Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, and Ajax; at least Mancini has an excuse for his failure this year.

Manchester United will be pleased to learn they will get knocked out of their cupcake group by Braga this year; FC Basel was unable to make the trip but sent their Portugal cousins instead.

RvP managed to pull out a late victory for United, John Terry wishes he could learn how to pull out late like that.

Now there is a goalkeeping controversy at Spurs, I really don’t get why you want a Frenchman to be your last line of defense at anything.

Speaking of the Frenchies, new PSG players are taking well to French culture; they’ve mastered the art of drawing a salary while not doing a damn thing in their jobs.

In other news Spurs still do not have a striker

You guys have been great, enjoy the hair plugs


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