Red Card Review: Non-Creative Title Edition

Got Jorts? Rooney does

Good to be here, my writers held me hostage earlier this week

Arsenal drew at Stoke 0-0, Wenger needs to stop taking a page out of Moyes book and play an actual striker.

Fellaini followed up his performance against United with a solid outing against Villa; with their jerseys it was pretty easy for Fellaini to avoid the defenders.

Soccer pundits are shocked at how good Fellaini is, my response is, “The guy cost 15 million pounds, it’s about time he started playing like this”.

Wayne Rooney will miss a few weeks due to a deep gash, at least now he has an ugly scar to take away from his forehead.

Anyone see his face after RvP scored? It was like Rooney and Crouch had a kid together.

Liverpool got their first points against the defending champions; at least Brendan Rodgers can still look up the table and see his former team.

Apparently Andy Caroll is just as good as Fellaini, but Liverpool doesn’t play to his strengths so no one sees it. I suppose it is hard to see how talented a player is when the whole team just passes the ball to the other team.

Serie A kicked things off this past weekend; games were delayed by 30 minutes because the refs had to find a new place to hide their payoffs

Real Madrid lost to Getafe this weekend, looks like part 2 of Mourihno’s strategy to manage football clubs is taking effect.

For those who missed it, part 2 is where the team goes in the can and he quits before Christmas to sip drinks in the Bahamas

Adebayor finally signed with Spurs; in other news Spurs still need a striker

It’s been great, try not to hate the Lolpool – Arsenal match


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