Red Card Review: Bad Pun Club

Oh no we are all going to die soon!

Good to be back, after Everton’s win on Monday we now have irrefutable proof the world is going to end this year.

Alex Song has left Arsenal for Barcelona. At least now tika-taka has a Song to dance to.

Robin Van Persie completed his move to Manchester United last week; United sealed the deal by promising RvP an exclusive horse placenta supplier.

That said, at least we know Theo Walcott is going to be a stud this year, right???

Fulham won 5-0 on Saturday, the sound you heard was Clint Dempsey’s leverage disappearing.

The USMNT got their first victory at the Azteca last week; the worst part of the win was the performance of Edgar Castillo, why couldn’t he have been awful like every other game he’s played?

Ian Darke mentioned he got doused with beer after the US goal. Now he understands why you should wear a sombrero.

Everton beat ManU 1-0 on Monday; Marouane Fellaini used his partner Michael Carrick to give Johnny Evans a lesson on how to rape someone.

After the match SAF commented on Everton’s strategy of playing long balls into the box. I understand SAF is getting old and everything, but confusing Everton jerseys with Stoke ones is just sad.

Chicharito couldn’t even make the bench in this game; he had a bad case of the frights when he saw Tim Howard pull up.

In other news, Spurs still do not have a striker.

Spurs fans are beginning to panic about losing some of their squad depth. They really shouldn’t be concerned, AVB never uses more than 16 players during a season.

The NFL has been using replacement refs to lackluster effect this preseason, finally MLS doesn’t have the worst refs in professional sports.

Of course that was before this weekend’s debacle that only Peter Walton would approve.

What Walton is in charge of the refs? Oh, well it makes perfect sense now.

In case you missed it, Liverpool lost to West Brom 3-0; Jamie Carragher is still trying to track back on the first goal.

Liverpool is only 3 places behind United in the table; this is the closest they will be to them all year.

Norwich have just signed Spurs defender Bassong; never a good sign when you sign defensive players from a team that just fookin run about.

It’s been great, enjoy Le Arse


One response to “Red Card Review: Bad Pun Club

  1. Liverpool is only 3 places behind United in the table; this is the closest they will be to them all year.


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